Start of the Adventure

The closet is all clear and I am ready to start this adventure!  My $20 jar is ready and my 5 outfits are the only thing left hanging in my closet!  I started this adventure with 5 tops and 5 bottoms.  The bottoms will remain the basics during this 180 day adventure!  The tops were strategic choices that would sell for a nice profit and would be trendy enough to sell quickly!

I kept the following bottoms…

  1. Pair of light colored distressed ankle jeans
  2. Pair of dark colored ankle jeans
  3. Pair of black leggings for a professional look
  4. Pair of black ankle jeans
  5. Pair of dark colored boot-cut jean

$20 jar is set and ready!  Let’s get this adventure started!  In fact, I’m kinda excited to know exactly what I am going to wear the next day!

2016-02-22 09.52.16


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