What is 1 Day Wear, 180 Days of Fashion?


Have you ever stood in your closet and thought, “Grrr, I have nothing to wear?”  If you are like me, then you are probably saying that daily!  After the birth of our baby girl, Memphis Ann, on November 9th, 2015 I can honestly say, “I have nothing to wear!”  Being almost back to pre-pregnancy weight doesn’t really matter because things aren’t in the position in which they began!  So, I thought what a great time to start over!

My closet does contain some great designer brands and many fun fashion pieces but nothing that I have a huge connection to.   So, clearing out my closet was more of physical task than an emotional one.  Locally, we have a few Facebook groups that are a great place to sell anything from clothes to furniture.  I knew these would be a great place to unload my wardrobe.  When I started the task of closet clean-out, I didn’t really know what I was going to do for clothes, I just knew that the ones I had needed new homes!   In the midst of the big clean-out a great idea hit me!

Never have this much unwanted stuff again!  But how can I continue to have fashionable things to wear without a closet full of clothes?  Buy an outfit a day and sell it!  Never wear the same thing twice and never have it taking up space only to be passed up on a daily basis!  But how could I achieve this?  The same way I filled and cleared out this closet, buying and selling in local Facebook groups.  I mentioned this to my husband and he brushed me off, saying “it sounded like a crazy idea!”  I suggested he put his money where his mouth is, bet me $500 that I couldn’t make it 6 months, 180 days without wearing the same outfit twice and without spending a dime on clothes!

The Rules of the 180 Days of Fashion….

1.  Sell everything I own except 5 tops and 5 bottoms, now I made sure that I like the bottoms because they will be the staples within your wardrobe.  I am keeping 5 so that I have a head start on finding and picking up my next outfits.

2.  Sleepwear and workout clothes do not count, so I can workout in the same thing during this 180 days.

3.  To be able to buy my next outfit I have to sell the one I have worn.  I will have a clothing jar with a starting $20 in it, the key from now on is to buy and sell for equal or less money so that I can keep this going for 180 days!  If I happen to need a few extra dollars, I do have the $20 slush fund but it has to last the entire 180 days.

4.  I can acquire the next day’s outfit via a retail store or resale Facebook group and can sell it via a Facebook group or friend.

Wow, once I see the rules in writing I might have a true adventure starting!  I am sure there will be some craziness when it comes to picking up from Facebook Frangers (Facebook Friends/Strangers) and beating out others in the groups for the items you want!  Stay tuned for daily outfits and struggles to win this bet!

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